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As we celebrate in 2010 our 60 YEARS as a Perkins distributor, we take this opportunity to share the company’s history with you.

1944 David G.Homsi
David G.Homsi starts the company as a pioneer in the automobile sector as the Renault dealer in Palestine during the British mandate as well as being a partner in the General Motors franchise.

1950 Levant Motors Co.
After the events of 1946 David moved to Lebanon and then Syria. His association with F. Perkins Ltd. starts in 1950. (The first official Perkins Distributor agreement dates from 1954). In 1952 he is appointed Distributor for “Jeep Willys Overland” and later the same year for “Austin of England”.

In the mid 50’s sales of Jeep Willys were forced to end due to regional events but sales of Austin cars flourished with the 1952 Austin A40 Somerset and later the 1956 Austin Cambridge.

Perkins P4, P6
In 1954 Syria allows Diesel engines to be fitted on cars & buses. This will be the start of a large scale conversion business replacing petrol thirsty large American cars with the much more economical Perkins P4. and P6. Backed by a good service centre the brand developed rapidly into a well respected name on the market.
Until today a few of these cars can still be seen on the roads, with their original Perkins engines!

By then Levant Motors owned 2 showrooms and Parts stores in Damascus & Aleppo, and a very well equipped service center in Damascus.

Replacing petrol engines on cars was banned in 1962 and the conversion business stopped. In the meantime the Agricultural sector started to develop with hundreds of Massey Harris - later Massey Fergusson - tractors working in the fields.

1969 R&E Homsi
David G. Homsi’s two sons Roy & Edward take over the business at a very difficult time during an economic downturn that would last until 1974. Armed with their father’s enthusiasm and energy they adapt to the changing market and strengthen the spare parts section of the business.

1974-1980 Generating Sets
The 80’s see growing power cuts and R&E Homsi sees an opportunity for a relatively new product on the market. This will be the start of the Genset business using the now well established 4.236 and 6.354 engines coupled to Markon and later Leroy Somer alternators after being appointed as Distributors. This will also be the start of the collaboration with DPS (Diesel Power System Ltd) in the UK.

1998 Homsi Motors
A third generation joins the business creating Homsi Motors Co. to blend fresh and enthusiastic hands with experience and traditions.

Perkins Global Distributor Award
Awarded by Perkins with the prestigious Global Distributor Award, an event that was celebrated in Damascus with the Perkins team and distinguished guests and loyal customers.

Level 3 accreditation

David Homsi

Austin and Jeep

Damascus pit stop - Austin London to India Rally

Jeep pulling Furat pipes

Old Jeep advertising slate Jeeps were also used as tracktors

Foire Internationale de Damas First Damascus International Fair 1954

Perkins Engines at Fair - Some of which are still running today!

Roy Homsi with Roland Hotchkins from Perkins Engines Co.

Generating sets

Global distributor awards

Level 3 Awarded by Douglas Abbott and Chris Marranino