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  • Strong low wearing Perkins engines ordered to your local working conditions
  • High performance and Ease of start-up in all conditions
  • Quiet and clean, new Perkins engines have the lowest sound and emission ratings, compliant to current and future regulations
  • Customer cost efficient with controlled low oil and fuel consumption
  • Complete distributor support for service and parts.
  • Perkins trained service team
  • Compact size – More power per cm3 for ease of installation

Recommended specs for BUILDING GENEREATING SETS:


Perkins engines stand at the forefront of the diesel engine industry. They are renowned for:

- Water cooled four stroke, vertical in-line & Vee form, direct & indirect injection, mechanical and electronic governing.

- Every stage of manufacturing is subject to rigorous quality control giving you peace of mind and power when you need it.

- Engines ready to give out 10% extra power for one hour every 12 hours of work at prime power.

-Special features:

• Tropical radiator to withstand drastic temperature changes typical to the Middle-East.

• Fuel water separator filter an additional filter to protect your engine from water in your fuel.

• Automatic shutdown protection in case of low oil pressure, high water temperature, overspeed and low water level.

• Low fuel and oil consumption.

• Low noise and emission levels.


Leroy Somer alternators are considered to be the best alternator on the market. It has not only proven its capacity in power efficiency and endurance, but also in its built-in safety protection systems that protect the alternator, the loads and the engine.

Available with single or three phase, single or double bearing, 50Hz or 60Hz, low, medium and high voltage.



- Electronic control modules with Manual & Automatic start with Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS) optional.

- Easy to use design with clear instructions and labels.

- Control gauges and instruments for easy engine and genset monitoring with automatic shutdown protection and an all in one crystal screen display with full engine and generating set monitoring data control units with fault finding facility and detailed log of engine failures.



One year warrantee against manufacturing defects.



As the Perkins distributors we offer complete service and parts coverage.


Sound proof canopy and parallel installation panels available on demand.